3 Failproof Ways to Remember Your Sunscreen!

Hey friends!

Over the years, it has become a no brainer that we should use sunscreen. It’s easy to remember to put it on before you go to the pool or the beach. However, remember to reapply every two hours during your daily life is HARD!

So without further ado, here are 3 fail-proof ways of remembering your sunscreen!

  1. Incorporate it into your morning routine. Start out with protection. In my household all of the adults do this every morning because it’s integrated into our skin care regimens. Easy peasy!
  2. Set a timer. When you are outside for the day whether you are at the pool with your kids, bailing hay or hiking up that mountain, set the timer on your phone. When it goes off, reapply and hit “start” on that timer again!
  3. Keep sunscreen accessible.  I ALWAYS have sunscreen in my purse, but it’s also tucked in my swim bag and car, and by my back door. Tucking it into your desk drawer at work or in the side of your car door is key because that’s where you are.  Try thinking through your day and figuring out where you need to put it.

Putting on sunscreen becomes a no brainer when you use these fail-proof suggestions. Work it into your morning routine, set a timer for reapplication every two hours and keep your sunscreen accessible.

Next time you go outside, think of me and put on your sunscreen!

xoxo Jen

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