Comfort Zone

Hey friends! It’s Sunday night and most of us are gearing up for a new work week and in my son’s case, his first week of kindergarten!

I’m Jen Particini, mom of three including a set of twins, military spouse, online university instructor, former classroom teacher, AND entrepreneur, helping people grow businesses and helping others find the best skin of their lives.

I was thinking about how much fun my son is going to have going to school all day long. While I KNOW he will do awesome, I just can’t believe we are already to this point in his life. Every day, his teacher is going to push him outside of his comfort zone. That’s where the magic is going to happen.

I know it because every time I’ve stretched outside of my comfort zone, I’ve grown as person, or as an educator, a parent, a wife, whatever. So let’s talk about comfort zones.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been posting live video EVERY day. And let me tell you, it took some courage to hit that FB Live button. I had to leave my comfort zone, that place of relative comfort where I’m in a routine that doesn’t cause stress or anxiety.

There’s science behind why stepping out of your comfort zone is so good for you. Whenever you step outside that comfort zone you become,

1. More productive – because we push ourselves to get better by trying something new, we break through the excuses of “I’m too busy” and you get in your groove and rock it. This is so true! By committing to going on FB live every day, I’ve been breaking through my excuses that keep me from doing things. Heck, I even de-cluttered my closet today!

2. You can adapt to change better – when you are use to risk you can adapt when something new comes around.

3. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more you get use to that discomfort! My FB Live ventures has led me to take a HUGE next step which I couldn’t have done straight away. That baby step was key for me.

It is SUPER scary and exhilarating to get out of my snuggly little comfort zone, but I’m doing it. So will my new kindergartener! And the magic is going to happen. Now it’s your turn friends, push yourself this week and remember the Particini Pack is doing the same!

xoxo Jen

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