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Grape or raisin?

Does your skin look more like a grape or a raisin? I’m hoping you’re laughing right now and thinking, “GRAPE!!”

If you’ve gotten to know me through this blog or connected with me on Facebook, you all know that I love skincare. Waking up in the morning with bright fresh skin is a fabulous start to the day!

That’s why it’s important for you to understand two key components of skin care: hydration and moisture. These are NOT the same thing.

Imagine that your skin is like a grape.

Normal healthy young skin resembles freshly picked grapes. Those grapes are bursting full of juice which keep the outside skin firm and smooth. That’s because a grape is hydrated!

Now think about that grape dehydrating. When it does, the surface of the skin starts to wrinkle and change in texture. As we age, our skin holds less moisture because a variety of factors. For instance, we have a decrease in cell renewal, collagen production and your lipid barrier becomes disrupted. This is key because with less water retained in your skin, the fine lines and wrinkles are much more apparent. That’s when you start moving towards raisin status!

In skin care, most people rely on a cream to moisturize their skin. When you do this you are working to RETAIN the water content of your skin by putting a barrier (the moisturizer) on top of it.

In contrast, hydration products work to increase the water content of your skin.

Traditionally, these haven’t been the easiest products to produce for skin care companies because they’re either not hydrating enough or the texture of the product does not glide onto the skin because they’re naturally sticky. But, there are several new products coming on the market that have resolved some of these issues. If you need a suggestion for one of these, give me a shout and I’ll give you some recommendations.

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xoxo jen

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