Tired: the story I told myself

For years I have been telling myself that I’m too tired. I’m too tired to go out with friends. I’m too tired to go to the gym in the morning. I’m too tired to stay awake at nap time.

It came to the point where even when I woke up after a good amount of sleep => I was still tired. That’s not normal! Yet, I was telling myself that it was.

So right now life is pretty great around my house, I have my six year old son and my three year old girl/boy twins who really fill my life with lots of fun, joy and love!

But it’s also pretty crazy and hectic most days. I’ve been telling myself that this phase of life is just simply exhausting — this is what it is. When you think about having small children, it is an exhausting time of life with the late night wake-ups, sickness that rolls through the whole family, diapers, meals and boundless energy from your kids! Your average days are tiring. So, I kept telling myself that story each day, this is JUST the way life is now => I’m tired.

So instead of looking for answers as to why I was always tired, I just accepted it and found ways to manage. Isn’t that what we do?

First I turned to diet soda so I could have caffeine because I don’t drink coffee. Then I stopped that when I finally saw an article that laid out the terrible consequences of artificial sweetener. So then I had to find something else. I found something that did great things for me through vitamins and a natural caffeine source. BUT I STILL WOKE UP TIRED! I fell asleep watching TV, in movie theaters (snoring too, no less), on car rides and every other chance I could get.

When I went to the doctor I would always mention how tired I was but also include that I have small children. They would say, “oh, that makes sense that you’re tired.” So I continued telling myself and everyone around me the story that I was simply tired because I have small children.

The stories that we tell ourself become our reality. So negative stories like me telling myself that I was tired, stopped me from looking for both answers.

Along the same lines, positive stories become self fulfilling prophecies. A few weekends ago I was headed to Philadelphia for a work conference. I was incredibly pumped to get recharged. I KNEW from other online trainings and podcasts that these were my type of people! I KNEW that I would walk away with useful knowledge that I could immediately apply. I looked forward to going out to eat, seeing Philadelphia and meeting up with some local friends (and sleeping!). In all of this, I told myself that I would come home recharged personally and professionally. And I did.

Was it because the conference was great?


Was it because I also had a rock solid belief that this conference would recharge me?


The story I kept telling myself became reality.

Now for being tired, my story became my reality. I literally couldn’t even see that it was a story. So when my husband mentioned a possible reason for my tiredness, I headed to the doctor. That simple suggestion broke my story and sent me down the path of figuring out that there was a medical reason for all of this! Thankfully it is not serious!

I had kept accepting that story being tired was just part of this  phase of life. That’s not the truth.

What stories are you telling yourself?

What stories should you be telling yourself?

These stories can change your life friends.

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