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Why do I need hydration when my skin is already oily?!

With all of my talk about skin hydration lately, my oily skin friends have been asking me, “Why do I need hydration when my skin is already oily?” Because let’s be frank, if you have oily skin you’re already fighting:

  • That oil-slick that your skin becomes at the end of the day
  • Enlarged pores
  • Breakouts and blackheads
  • Oil residue on your pillow and phone
  • Makeup that slides right off!

But here’s the thing, hydrated skin and oily skin are two different things!

Your skin uses oil as a barrier to keep your skin hydrated or to keep the water in your skin. Having hydrated skin DOES NOT make you more oily. In fact when your skin is dehydrated, it can increase oil production to retain the moisture and also to try to balance the pH of your skin.

What hydration does for your skin is keep an appropriate amount of water in and between your skin cells. Hydration allows your skin to be more radiant, softer, smoother and less blotchy.

When your skin is oily, hydration can help correct any dry patches and reduce the oil production. Proper hydration makes those fine lines and large pores not as obvious!

So to recap => Hydration is the water in your skin. Oil keeps the water from escaping from your skin into the environment!

I’ve been talking a lot about hydration lately simply because the market has had several new products launch that help with hydration. If you need a recommendation, feel free to give me a shout. In the meantime here is what you should look for:

Make sure the hydration product you are incorporating into your routine is oil-free, non-comedogenic and that it self-adjusts to what your skin needs and the environment. Goodness knows, the humidity of the south creates different hydration needs that the dry air in places like Colorado!

Remember, even if you’re skin is oily, you can still benefit from increased hydration in your skin.

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